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The Center For Reduction of Religious-Based Conflict was formed as a non-profit organization in the State of Florida, U.S.A. in December, 1999, and received tax exempt status from the U.S. Internal Revenue Service in June, 2000 (ID number 65-6319302).  It is likewise registered with the State of Florida as a tax exempt non-profit organization (State of Florida number SC-11494).  Though it is based in the USA, its scope and work are worldwide.

The Center is listed in the premier online directory of non-profit organizations, Guidestar.org, and is a participant with the Community Foundation of Collier County, Florida.

No part of any contribution made to the Center is retained by any professional solicitor, meaning that the Center receives 100% of all donations made to it, and that they will be used for the purpose stated on this website and in our various Brochures and publications.  All donations are fully tax deductible to US taxpayers.

For further information; to make comments or suggestions, or to request that your name be placed on our mailing list, contact us at:

Center For Reduction of Religious-Based Conflict
649 Fifth Avenue South, Suite 201
Naples, Florida 34102-6601
Email: centerrel@center2000.org
Fax: (239) 263-2824
Tel:  (239) 821-4850


James Clark

     Mr. Clark, an experienced businessman and manager, is President of North Bay Wholesale, Dade City, Florida. He is a long-time supporter of various charities and charitable organizations.

Joe B. Cox (2000-2017)

     Mr. Cox was Chairman of the Board of a bank and served on the Board of Directors of a well-known Florida communications company. He has also been a practicing attorney in Naples, Florida for 35 years, having received his Juris Doctorate from the University of Tulsa School of Law and a Master of Laws from the University of Miami School of Law.

Mr. Cox has served his community by working with many charitable and volunteer organizations, including Naples Community Hospital, Community Foundation of Collier County, YMCA, Community School of Naples, Alzheimer’s Association, Greater Naples Civic Association, Forum Club, and Senior Friendship Centers.

More information can be found in his listings in Who’s Who in America and Who’s Who in American Law.

Gisela L. Muschler

     Ms. Muschler is a translator/interpreter of Spanish/Italian/German into English, a teacher of English to foreigners, as well as an experienced executive secretary, having served in the same capacity previously for both businesses and non-profit organizations.

Besides being a Trustee of the Center, she presently serves at its Secretary

Richard K. Rudolph

     Mr. Rudolph is an experienced senior executive with domestic and international experience in the investment banking and financial planning arena.  He previously served as Senior Vice-President for a major, international investment banking firm, and has held various positions from Retail Sales Manager to Head Office staff consultant with Esso Standard Eastern, the Asian affiliate of Exxon in such countries as Pakistan, Japan and Okinawa.

Mr. Rudolph is the founder, president and CEO of a new technology company, Universal Environmental Technologies, specializing in reducing contamination through environmental clean-up, using state of the art technology.

He holds Bachelor of Arts and Doctor of Jurisprudence university degrees, the latter from the University of Virginia School of Law.  He is knowledgeable in Chinese (Mandarin), having studied at the Institute of Far Eastern Languages at Yale University.

Mr. Rudolph is a long-time supporter of important charitable causes affecting vast numbers of people.

This substantial management, marketing and business experience places him in good stead to act Trustee and serve as Vice-Director of the Center.

Terry O. Trowbridge

     The Director and Founder of the Center, Terry O. Trowbridge, practiced international law for 25 years, working with businesses, governments and international organizations particularly in the arena of resolution of various kinds of conflicts by amicable means.  He is a member of the Panel of Arbitrators of the American Arbitration Association and has acted as arbiter for international organizations.

A resident of Naples, Florida, USA since 1970, Mr. Trowbridge has traveled extensively throughout the world, including living and working abroad in Europe, the Mediterranean Area and the Middle East.  His active military duty was with the US Marine Corps in the Far East during the Korean War, and thereafter with the US Coast Guard Reserve along the shores of the Gulf of Mexico.  Later, he worked as a civilian in S. Vietnam during the early years of that conflict.  He is well acquainted with the conflicts of the world and their dangers.

Since 1984 when he first became interested in religious-based conflict, Mr. Trowbridge has spoken and written extensively on its causes, dangers and potential remedies.   He is the author of Beyond Tolerance (Why Tolerance Cannot Solve The Problem of Religious-Based Conflict And What The Real Answer Is), as well as various articles on finance and law, including Banking and Gold_Post 1974.

For further biography, see Mr. Trowbridge’s listing in “Who’s Who in The World”, 13th edition, as well as in “Who’s Who in Finance and Industry”.



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