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The Ukraine is in the news these days.  From what we read and see and hear, the problem is a political one between western Ukraine and Russia (and lately, eastern Ukraine as well).  We all know the details.  But here is something most don’t know:  Roman Catholics, other Christian religions and a large number of non-religious citizens live in western Ukraine, while eastern Ukraine and Russia are principally of the Orthodox religion.  And, historically, western Ukraine has been accused of anti-semitism.  Does religious-based conflict, or the threat of it, have anything to do with these so-called political conflicts that have been going on since early 2014?  While we have not yet designated the Ukraine as a Hotspot of religious-based conflict, we are watching the situation closely.

Europe has had some sort of religious-based conflict for centuries.  This century is no exception – though it is less widespread.  Principal conflict areas are Great Britain and France in the north and the Balkans area in the south, and lately the Ukraine.


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